Peter DeLuca (Advert) is the senior vice president of brand communications and acquisition at T-Mobile in Seattle, Washington. Previously, Peter was the chief marketing officer for Banana Republic and worked at Charles Schwab in various senior marketing leadership roles. His son Chris is following his father's footsteps on campus this fall. 

Posted Nov. 15, 2018

Doug Hochstadt (Jour) is the senior vice president of revenue and yield management for Disney-ABC. He is also the head of box office for Pantomonium Productions, a nonprofit theater company whose mission is to reach underserved children and families. He lives in New York City with his wife, Katherine, and daughter, Ella.

Posted Nov. 12, 2019

Erik Leidal (Jour) is an Emmy award-winning freelance network camera operator. He has traveled the world covering major sporting events, including the Olympics, multiple Super Bowls, 32 years of college football (including some of the games at CU), over 100 major professional golf tournaments and more. He lives in Avon, Connecticut, with his wife and two daughters.

Posted Oct. 16, 2020

Kurt Ludlow (Jour) is the morning news anchor for WSYX-TV/WTTE-TV, the ABC/Fox affiliate in Columbus, Ohio. Kurt previously worked as a reporter and news anchor in Duluth, Minnesota, and Portland, Oregon. He’s won numerous Emmy and Associated Press awards as well as an Edward R. Murrow Award. Kurt received a Juris Doctor from Capital University. He is married to Laura and is the father of twin daughters.

Posted Oct. 16, 2020