Laura Hink
Graduate Student in Clinical Psychology

Faculty Advisor:  Soo Rhee


  • BA, University of Colorado Boulder (Psychology), 2008
  • MA, University of Colorado Boulder, 2011
  • PhD, University of Colorado Boulder, expected 2019

Research Interests

The etiology of internalizing and externalizing disorders with a focus on the relationship between temperament or personality and the development of psychopathology.

Publications and Presentations

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Whisman, M.A., Rhee, S.H., Hink, L.K., Boeldt, D.L., & Johnson, D.P. (2014). Genetic and environmental influences on the association between subjective well-being and marital adjustment. Couple and Family Psychology: Research and Practice, 3, 48-64.

Hink, L.K, Rhee, S.H., Corley, R.P., Cosgrove, V.E., Hewitt, J.K., Lahey, B.B., Schulz-Heik, R.J., &   Waldman, I. D. (2013). Personality as common and broadband-specific features for internalizing and externalizing disorders. Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, 41, 939-957.

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Hink, L.K., Rhee, S.H., Schulz-Heik, J., Corley, R.C., Cosgrove, V., Young, S.E., & Hewitt, J.K. (2010). Personality as common and broadband-specific features for internalizing and externalizing Disorders. Behavioral Genetics Association, Seoul, South Korea.