Clinical Practice

Practice location:

  • Campus of University of Colorado Boulder
  • Muenzinger Building D232A
  • Colorado Avenue
  • Boulder, CO 80309-0345
  • 303.735.1130


Participating in the following insurance plans:

  • Aetna
  • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Federal Blue Cross
  • Humana
  • Medicare and Medicare replacement plans
  • Rocky Mountain HMO
  • United Healthcare
  • All others fee for service 

All evaluations and treatment conducted by Dr. Richardson are done as part of her private practice, and are not associated with her faculty appointment at CU.

Dr. Richardson is a clinical neuropsychologist and cognitive-behavioral therapist, with specialties in the evaluation of cognitive changes related to brain injuries in adults, cognitive declines in older persons due to Alzheimer's disease and other dementias, and evaluation of learning disabilities from childhood to adulthood.

Treatment specialties include CBT for anxiety disorders (OCD, phobias, panic) in children and adults, behavioral treatment for inflexible/explosive behaviors in children, and cognitive therapy for depression in adults.

Evaluation Services

The evaluations are performed from the perspective of principles of clinical neuropsychology, with a focus on determining underlying pattern(s) of cognitive deficits that contribute to or are at the root of the client's memory, functional or behavioral difficulties. Evaluations result in (1) diagnoses that are defined or recognized by the mainstream scientific community, and (2) recommendations directly related to the diagnosis or underlying deficiency and that involve strategies to circumvent the problem or that assist in correcting the problem if possible. Typical referral questions addressed include: diagnosis of dementia, differential diagnosis among dementia patterns, differential diagnosis of psychiatric vs. neurologic symptoms, documenting deficits due to head injury, learning disability assessments (children and adults), determination of ability to live independently (including ADL assessments and driving ability).

Therapy Services

In addition to assessment services, Dr. Richardson is accepting referrals for treatment of children and adults with anxiety disorders, including obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), panic, social anxiety, phobias and other worries, generalized anxiety, separation anxiety and school refusal. Dr. Richardson is trained in cognitive-behavioral treatment(CBT), which is a short-term, goal-oriented approach that utilizes a range of treatment techniques (e.g., Exposure and Response Prevention for OCD, relaxation training, and other exposure and anxiety management techniques for panic, phobias and social fears). In general, the focus of treatment is on overcoming fears by confronting them. Treatment requires approximately 10-16 weekly sessions, followed by a few booster sessions. Following completion of treatment, patients typically return to their previous treatment providers, unless otherwise indicated.