Chava Creque
Graduate Student in Clinical Psychology

Faculty Advisor:  Erik Willcutt


  • BA, Columbia University (Psychology), 2012
  • BA, Jewish Theological Seminary (Modern Jewish Studies), 2012
  • MA, University of Colorado Boulder, expected 2019
  • PhD, University of Colorado Boulder, expected 2022

Research Interests

I am interested in extending the research on the relationship between internalizing behaviors like depression and anxiety and the occurrence of ADHD and learning disabilities in children, adolescents, and young adults. I am especially interested in the application of neuropsychological techniques to better understand the interaction between affective symptomatology and attention deficits and potentially to predict those young people who are most at risk for developing affective or behavioral disorders.


Adams, C., Creque, C., Wasserman, S., Brand, D., Sampson, A., Tseretopoulos, I., Kolakowsky-Hayner, S., & Ghajar, J. (2016, May). Understanding Potential Barriers to ER mTBI Participant Recruitment and Retention: Implications for Generalizability of Research Findings. Poster presented at Annual Scientific Meeting of American Association of Neurological Surgeons, Chicago, IL.

Asiedu, N., Creque, C., Duggan, R., Adams, C., Tseretopoulos, I., Spielman, L., Little, J., & Ghajar, J. (2015, March). Affective symptom endorsement in individuals with chronic symptoms following a mild Traumatic Brain Injury (Persistent Post-Concussive Syndrome). Poster presented at the Annual Convention of the Society for Personality Assessment, Brooklyn, NY.

Creque, C., Duggan, R., Adams, C., Asiedu, A., Tseretopoulos, I., & Ghajar, J. (2015, April). The Head Injury Symptoms Checklist (HISC) as a Potential Screening Tool for PPCS in TBI. Poster presented at the 5th Annual Traumatic Brain Injury Conference, Washington, DC; also presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Neurology, Vancouver, BC (2016, April).