Conference Speakers

Name Affiliation Email
James F. Brooks School for Advanced Research in Santa Fe Email
Catherine M. Cameron Department of Anthropology, University of Colorado Email
Gwyn Campbell Department of History, McGill University Email
Robert Gudmestad Department of History, Colorado State University Email
Kyle Harper Department of Classics and Letters, University of Oklahoma Email
Walter Hawthorne Department of History, Michigan State University Email
Matthew Hopper Department of History, California Polytechnic State University Email
Peter Hunt Department of Classics, University of Colorado Email
Bok-rae Kim Center for International Area Studies, Andong University, Seoul Email
Noel Lenski Department of Classics, University of Colorado Email
Paul Lovejoy Department of History, York University Email
Joseph C. Miller Department of History, University of Virginia Email
Daina Ramey Berry Department of History, University of Texas, Austin Email
Fernando Santos-Granero Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama Email
Walter Scheidel Department of Classics, Stanford University Email
Christina Snyder Department of History, Indiana University Email
Ehud Toledano School of Historical Studies, Tel Aviv University Email