Classics graduate student Kristjan Johnson
MA Student
Classical Antiquity

Kristjan Johnson received his B.A. in Classics from the University of Montana in 2023, with emphasis on Greek and Latin. His research interests include text criticism, papyrology, New Testament, Old Testament prophecy, Near Eastern studies and Homeric epics.

During his senior year, Kristjan participated in the College Year in Athens. During that semester, he read Thucydides and Ovid. In addition he produced two final research papers. For Greek, he created a text criticism of the text of Thucydides Book 4.9-10, with focus on the apparatus criticus used by the Oxford Classical Text and B. Alberti. Further, he wrote a paper analyzing the arguments of Dutch scholar J.J. Hartman concerning Ovid that led to his ousting from academia.

Outside of class, Kristjan enjoys hiking, video games, jiu-jitsu and writing short stories.