Classics graduate student Katelyn Reeves
MA Student
Classical Art & Archaeology

HUMN 352

Spring 2024 Office Hours:
Friday 1pm - 2pm

Katelyn received her B.A. in Anthropology and Classics from the University of Georgia in 2023, as well as a certificate in Archaeological Sciences. Her language focus was on Latin, Ancient Greek, and French. From 2022 to 2023, she acted as the President of Eta Sigma Phi and hosted the 7th Annual Classics Undergraduate Research Conference. In 2022, she conducted research in Turkey and was awarded the Janis Steingruber grant.

Katelyn is a MA Art and Archaeology student at CU Boulder with primary interests in bioarchaeology, paleoepidemiology, and archaeological reconstruction and modeling. Her current research examines the Justinianic Plague and the Late Antique Little Ice Age. She also serves as a Teaching Assistant.

When she is not working, Katelyn spends her time writing fantasy novels, drawing, and exploring the outdoors.