Classics Department Graduate Events for Fall 2019

  • August 19th: Graduate School orientation
  • August 23rd from 12-4pm in HUMN 350: Classics orientation for incoming graduate students
  • August 28th at 3pm in HUMN 350: Classics Department Welcome Tea for graduate students and faculty
  • September 26th, at 7pm in CASE Building-Chancellor's Hall: Dr. Erin Baxter will talk about The curious case of Colorado Cannibal Alferd G. Packer. This is a lecture organised by the CU Museum of Natural History. The venue is the CASE Building, Chancellor’s Hall, at 1725 Euclid Avenue in Boulder. 
  • September 28th, from 9-3pm on the Norlin Lawn: Colorado Classics Day, back by popular demand of the Colorado Classics Association. We look forward to welcoming up to 200 elementary, middle and high school students to campus, for a series of workshops on Roman lawwomen writers of ancient Rome; death, disease and violence in ancient Rome; life as a gladiator; and much more. Special opportunities exist in the workshop on Carthaginian artifacts offered by Dr. Sarah James, a guided hands-on experience with artifacts from the city of Carthage; and in the workshop on original ancient Roman coins from the Jaffee coin collection, offered by Dr. Diane Conlin, in partnership with the CU Art Museum. Students will learn how Roman coins were made, the basic denominations, and the meanings of the pictures and writing on Roman coins.
    For further details, please see the schedule here. Questions? Please contact
  • September 30th, from 3-5pm in UMC 247: Arts & Humanities Advising Open house. Relevant to: sophomores and new transfer students.
  • September 30th, at 5pm in HUMN 250: Penelope Davies, Professor of Art History at UT Austin: Architecture and adaptive re-use: repurposing buildings in ancient Rome.
  • October 16th, at 5pm in Hellems 211:  Michael Roberts, Robert Rich Professor Emeritus at Wesleyan: Narrating the Saints: Paulinus of Nola and the beginning of verse hagiography.
  • October 19th, from 10-11:30am at D'Evelyn High Schoolfall meeting of the Colorado Classics Association
  • October 7th, at 7pm at the Museum of Natural History: Henderson:  Dimitri Nakassis, Professor of Classics at Boulder: Digitizing prehistory, Aegean scripts in the 21st century (AIA talk)
  • November 13th, at 7pm in HUMN 150: Peter Hunt, Professor of Classics at Boulder: Fugitive slaves in the ancient Greek and Roman worlds (McClanahan lecture)
  • December 2nd, at 5pm in HUMN 1B90:  Jake Sawyer, CU Boulder: Menoikeos in Euripides’ Phoenissae (McClanahan Essay Prize lecture)
  • December 12th, at 5pm in HUMN 250: Jessica Lamont, Assistant Professor of Classics at Yale: Casting curses in ancient Athens





Classics Department Graduate Events for Spring 2020