picture of Anne Duray
Temporary Researcher • Lecturer


Spring 2024 Office Hours:
Monday 10am - 12pm

Anne Duray (Ph.D. Stanford 2020) studies the intellectual and methodological histories of archaeology in their social, political, and cultural contexts. Her monograph project (tentatively titled Hellenism, Archaeological Practice, and the Creation of Cultural Continuity) explores how entanglements between understandings of race, culture, and language have not only shaped (and been shaped by) archaeological practices but also influenced narratives of cultural continuity and discontinuity in Greek archaeology, especially in the case of the Bronze Age – Iron Age transition. She is also working on several articles that examine intersections between Aegean prehistory and race science during the late 19th – early 20th centuries, and Athenian topography in Aristophanes’ Knights. She has excavated at numerous sites in Greece, including the Athenian Agora, Malthi, and Stelida, and is the Editorial Assistant for the American Journal of Archaeology.