Alexander the Great:

A History from Below

Dr. Stephen Harrison 
Swansea University

Thursday, May 2nd
HUMN 135 at 5:00 PM


Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great is one of the most famous figures from antiquity and his story has been told and re-told hundreds of times in the centuries since his death in 323 – but always from the same perspective. The Alexander we encounter is the Alexander of a handful of historians writing at the height of the Roman Empire. So what should we do with Alexander in the 21st Century? In this talk, Harrison proposes a new methodology that allows us to explore different perspectives on Alexander’s reign and consider the ways in which indigenous communities respond to the presence of colonizing powers. Local people did much more than just react to Alexander’s arrival, and actively sought to gain an advantage from his presence. This had a fundamental impact on his campaign. Thus, Harrison offers the very first attempt to develop a sustained history of Alexander from below.

Free and open to the public


Department of Classics