Wish I Had Known

As a new student planning to move to CU Boulder later this month, you may be nervous about getting the hang of college life. Fortunately, the juniors and seniors at CU Boulder are more than willing to share their experiences! Here are some tips for mastering college life here in Boulder: 

I wish I had known how to talk to my professors. 

Talking to professors can be scary, but the knowledge and opportunities they can give you is worth the nervousness! CU Boulder faculty are required to hold office hours, so whether you need help with class material or just want to introduce yourself, it is not as hard as it seems to talk to your teacher. Learn from Cassandra's assurances

I wish I had known about International Coffee Hour.

Making friends is often a top concern of students, especially on large campuses like CU Boulder. However, there are many events and opportunities to meet fellow Buffs from various places. International Coffee Hour is a weekly event that brings together Buffs from around the world for coffee and conversation.  Learn from Louis' experience

I wish I had known to get involved on campus.

Juggling your studies, health and job obligations can make it challenging to find extra time for social activities. But, CU Boulder offers so many ways to get involved that there's bound to be something that fits into your schedule and helps you feel more connected to campus. Get some advice from Ben   

I wish I had known how to make my dorm room feel like home.

Decorating your residence hall room can be one of the most exciting parts of coming to campus—or one of the most daunting. Whether you spend most of your time in your res hall or out and about on campus, it’s nice to have a comfortable space that's all your own to come home to at the end of the day. Get some pointers from  Harper

Transitioning to college can cause some uncertainty and New Students & Family Programs is here to support incoming students and their families. For more information about getting started at CU Boulder, visit our website.