Professor Sabrina Negri
Assistant Professor

Sabrina Negri (Ph.D. 2017, University of Chicago) is an Assistant Professor in Cinema Studies, where she teaches Film History, Film Preservation, Narrative Analysis, Literature and Film: Detective Fiction, and The Cinema of John Carpenter. She wrote a book on John Carpenter’s They Live and is currently working on a book on film archival materials in the digital age. She presented at international conferences in the United States, Canada, and Europe, and has published essays on a wide array of scholarly journals such as the Journal of Cinema and Media StudiesCritical Inquiry, and Film Criticism. In 2021, together with Jamie Wagner from the University Libraries, she was awarded a $185.000 grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services for the creation of a series of classes on media archiving and preservation.


Selected publications:


Essi Vivono (John Carpenter’s They Live). Florence, Italy: Gremese editore. Forthcoming Fall 2022.



“The Afterlife of New American Cinema: An Archival Perspective.” Framework 63/2022. Forthcoming Fall 2022.

“Fine Arts on Film: The Hand-Painted Work of Stan Brakhage.” Color Culture and Science 7/2022.

“World War I Was Not in Black and White: They Shall Not Grow Old and the Status of the Digitally Restored Image." Imago 20/2019.

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“I Saw, Therefore I Know? Alfred Hitchcock's The Wrong Man and the Epistemological Potential of the Photographic Image.” Film Criticism 41.1 (February 2017).

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“San Paolo Film: Education through Cinema in Post-War Italy.” In Can We Learn Cinema? Knowledge, Training, the Profession. (Udine, Italy: University of Udine Press, 2013).