11/2/2018 edit

A) Project Director submits Crew Call by filling out online CREW CALL Webform.

B)  Film Office posts crew call to the BULLETIN BOARD.

Old Crew Calls are removed and new Calls posted on or before the following  Monday.

C)  Potential Practicum candidate goes to BULLETIN BOARD and finds position on Project Director’s shoot.  Practicum candidate contacts Project Director directly.

D)  Practicum candidate fills out PRACTICUM WEBFORM on Bulletin Board tab when/if enlisted for project.   The Burden of Enlistment and Enrollment is on Practicum Candidate.   Any student may enroll in practicum, but preference will be given to Cinema Studies and Moving Image Arts BFA and BA production track students.  Nature of work done by Practicum Candidate is applicable only to projects in FILM 3400 or 4500, OR Faculty and/or Graduate Productions.  No exceptions will be made. MAKE SURE YOU ARE SUBMITTING/FINISHING THE FORM, OR YOUR REQUEST WILL NOT BE PROCESSED.

E) Below Parties SIGN  Practicum Agreement (generated by Film Studies) via Docusign based on information contained in aforementioned CREW CALL Webform and  requesting signatures in the below order from:

  1. Practicum Candidate(I will do  this).
  2. Project Director(I want them to do this).
  3. Faculty Sponsor (I affirm that I will oversee they do that).
  4. Film Studies Director (They may do that).

Practicum Agreement must be submitted no later than 11/1 and 4/1, Fall and Spring Semester respectively.  Fourth Signature triggers forms sent to Departmental Liaison for enrollment.

Practicum Candidate Faculty Sponsor is same party as Project Director’s Faculty Member.  If Project Director is a Faculty Member, said signs both lines 2 and 3.

F)  Practicum Candidate is enrolled with “Late Add” by Departmental Liaison. Retroactive enrollment in Practicum is strictly prohibited.
No enrollments past above dates are allowed.No appeals will be considered.

G) Role in production cycle as defined in Practicum Agreement is fulfilled by Practicum Candidate.

H)  Project Director submits Practicum Candidate Report to Faculty Sponsor.

I)   In all cases, Pass/Fail grade is entered by Faculty Sponsor before end of semester.