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Our equipment rental facility, known as the Kage, supports all of our production classes with film and digital equipment which students will use to complete their class assignments.  Professional staff as well as student helpers maintain, purchase, repair, and rent out a host of gear used to create moving image art.  This facility offers state-of-the-art equipment and support staff to assist our students and our instructors in their class assignments.


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The Department of Cinema Studies & Moving Image Arts’s faculty have at their disposal a number of exceptional collections and facilities available for their use.  The Department of Cinema Studies & Moving Image Arts offers projection of films in 35mm, 16mm, and super 8 formats.  We have state-of-the-art digital projectors in classrooms and auditoriums including a  4K projector for special screenings and the ability to show work in almost any of the current digital formats.  The film and video collection has over 1000 titles including classic, documentary, experimental, and animation genres.  Many of the titles in our DVD collection are available to students as well as faculty and our staff includes trained professionals and student assistants. 

Faculty Resources

The Atlas Center

Completed in August 2006, the new ATLAS building houses the Department of Cinema Studies & Moving Image Arts, its classrooms, labs, rental facility, and the latest in digital technology.  The ATLAS building is one of the center pieces of new educational opportunities on the CU campus, offering interdisciplinary classes combining Film Studies, Dance and Theater, Art & Art History, Journalism, and English in unique academic classes and in uniquely adaptable settings.  Our screening room/auditorium and the black box theater provide the best in projection and stage equipment.  Students can use study rooms, lounges, and view multi screen presentations of student moving image art and attend a number of film and video screenings open to the campus and the public. 

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