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Upcoming Class Highlights

Film 3003: Major Film Directors, Section 001: The Cinema of John Carpenter 

With Professor Sabrina Negri 

MajorDirectors 2019

This course offers a close look at the work of director John Carpenter, one of the most underestimated genre filmmakers of the post-classical era. We will watch all of Carpenter’s films, from the sci-fi spoof Dark Star to his most recent work for television, taking a closer look at his most important titles (Halloween, Escape from New York, In the Mouth of Madness). We will approach Carpenter’s work from the perspective of both authorship and genre, and we will read critical texts on his cinema and its cultural context. Finally, we will discuss the films that influenced Carpenter’s work, as well as the films that were influenced by it.

T/Th 11am - 12:15pm, Screenings: Wed. 7pm   

Prof. Sabrina Negri



FILM 4024 / ARTF 5024 - Adv. Research Seminar: Stories We Tell: Dreams/Histories/Narratives

With Professor Melinda Barlow


The stories we tell ourselves in dreams shape our days and take over our nights, driven as they are by our deepest desires. What distinguishes dreams from daydreams? What of lucid dreams, nightmares, fantasies and vision quests? What functions have dreams served in different cultures at different times? And how may we use dreams as a source of creativity? In this course, historical and theoretical readings as well as writings by artists illuminate an eclectic mix of American and international narrative, documentary, animated, and experimental films, each exploring the complex relationship between dream and reality, the unconscious and creativity, our stake in given stories, and the virtue of letting them go.  Students will keep dream journals and write critically and creatively about their dreams and/or produce new work inspired by dreams for their final projects.

Please contact instructor with questions and for permission to enroll:  Melinda.Barlow@Colorado.Edu




FILM 4024 / ARTF 5024 – Adv. Research Seminar: Film Archiving and Preservation

With Professor Sabrina Negri

This seminar will teach students the basics of film archiving and preservation. We will tackle issues of theory and ethics of film preservation, and will discuss the case studies of some of the major preservation works done in recent years at film archives in Europe and the United States. Guest lecturers from major archival institutions will introduce the students to the everyday functioning of a film archive, and will share their experience as preservationists, curators, and artists. This course will also have a practical component, as we will do some hands-on preservation work on film prints.

Please contact instructor with questions and for permission to enroll:


FILM 4023/5023:001 SPANISH FILM SINCE 1950

With Professor Ernesto Acevedo-Muñoz

Bunuel and amenabar
Un chien andalou (Luis Buñuel, 1929) and Tesis

This course offers a history and analysis of the major topics, styles, and filmmakers of Spanish cinema since 1950. The historical and thematic evolutions of Spanish cinema reflect national and regional concerns about culture, politics, and society in general. This course constitutes a brief survey of some of those topics and an exploration of their logic and meanings in the context of Spanish history under dictatorship (1936- 1975) and democracy (1980 to the present). Films by Luis Buñuel, Carlos Saura, Víctor Erice, Pedro Almodóvar, Alejandro Amenábar, Isabel Coixet, Guillermo Del Toro, and others.

Open to all majors! Taught in English! Contact:

Pans Labyrinth
Pan’ s Labyrinth (Guillermo Del Toro, 2006)



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