Food Program

Food served includes:

  • Breakfast: Milk, fruit and grain
  • Lunch: Milk, meat and meat alternative, 1 vegetable, 1 fruit and a grain
  • Afternoon snack: Two of the following: Milk, meat/alternative, fruit/veg, grain

Lunches are prepared by Housing Dining Services and delivered to the Center. We strive to provide healthy and diverse food choices. Children are given small portions, and second helpings are available. Teachers sit and converse with the children. The children are encouraged to try new foods. Menus are posted in the center and on our website. Copies are available to all parents. Our institution is an equal opportunity provider.

If a child’s diet must be modified for health reasons, a physician’s written explanation is required. If a child’s diet is modified for cultural or religious reasons, the parent is asked to put the request in writing. We do our best to provide quality meals based on the choices offered to us. Please be aware that if your child has special dietary needs that you may need to supplement with food from home to meet the requirements for a well-rounded meal.

There are certain circumstances and/or times during the school year that do not allow for meal service to be prepared by Housing Dining Services, during these times you will be asked to bring your child a sack lunch. Please provide a healthy lunch with a cold/ice pack as the lunch must be kept in your child’s cubby. We do not have facilities to refrigerate all sack lunches. We will continue to provide milk, breakfast and snacks on these days.