The department has partnered with the University of Colorado Boulder Office of Information Technology (OIT) department to provide faculty and staff with Dedicated Desktop Support (DDS) in order to meet our IT needs. DDS provides professional technical support for university-owned computing devices including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, printers, and multifunction devices. DDS will also support personally-owned smartphones.  

General Information

A detailed explanation of services and FAQs are listed on the OIT website regarding Dedicated Desktop Support.

However, in brief within our department opting in to DDS Support means:

  • Support includes a recommendation, specification, installation, testing, and troubleshooting of computer systems and peripherals within established campus standards/policies and industry best practices.
  • Professional assistance includes timely troubleshooting, on location, to diagnose and resolve unique, non-recurring issues within a 4-hour response time, often responding within 30 mins.
  • Dedicated Desktop Support clients access the service through the Dedicated Desktop Support Service Request Portal which allows the client to quickly and easily notify their support team of the issue and level of urgency. If the primary technician is unavailable or assisting another client, other technicians from the team can quickly respond.
  • Dedicated Desktop Support has a spare computer program so, in the event of a hardware failure, a spare computer will be provided until the computer can be repaired and returned. 
  • All new software installations and updates go through a change management process including multiple testing configurations by technicians on different hardware to minimize the number of errors on the user’s computer.
  • The desktop support technicians understand and comply with campus security policies. They help the computer owners understand the security policies and how to safeguard or remediate sensitive data.
  • Desktop Support technicians are professionally certified with Microsoft and Apple and receive training in other areas to include Active Directory, PGP, and SCCM.

The Walk-In Desktop Support (Student Desktop Support Technicians Walk-In Centers) are available to all campus affiliates for university and personally owned computing equipment on a first come first served basis. For additional information please visit the Office of Information Technology website. Details can be found under Desktop Support - Walk-In.

DDS Support Opt-In

Faculty & Staff within the Department of Chemistry are eligible to receive DDS Support on university-owned computers.

The Department provided a list to DDS for those that are included in the first wave of staff and FCPP faculty. These individuals have already been set up in the System and are available in the drop down. You can log in today! DDS will reimage your computer and reinstall it as it was before.

Step 1 – Go to OIT Dedicated Desktop Support Website (Above) and submit a Ticket

  • Include information on types of programs used
  • Make sure to have licenses for special programs

If you are not under the DDS Support Dropdown, please contact Sam Miller and request to be added to the DDS Opt-In List.  


Indicate via email your Issue is Not Resolved -
You will receive an email notification from "IT Service Center" indicating that your issue has been resolved. If it has not been, click on the link of that email that says "No, my issue has not been resolved" and explain the continuing issue.

Provide Feedback -
Your feedback is very valuable and will be provided to the DDS Leadership.