CUMES are short for the Cumulative Examinations that graduate students must take. In the Biochemistry division these are known as Comprehensive Exams.  A written and oral are required to complete the Biochemistry PhD.

Biochemistry Comprehensive Exam Schedule

The Biochemistry Written Comprehenisve Exam will be Wednesday, May 24, 2017. 

CUMES Schedule

CUMES are typically held on the first Saturday of the month during the academic year, except during January. There are no CUMES during June, July, and August. CUMES are held on the second Saturday of the month in September and May due to conflicts.

The exact CUMES schedule is as follows:

Date Analytical Physical Organic *Materials

CUME 2017-2018 Schedule

9/9/2017 Browne Parson Luca Rumbles
10/7/2017 Ziemann *Sharma Walba Sharma
11/4/2017 Vaida *Dukovic Michl Dukovic
12/2/2017 Gough *Nozik Walczak Nozik
2/3/2018 de Gouw Jonas *Marshak Marshak
3/3/2018 Tolbert R. Jimenez *Zhang Zhang
4/7/2018 Volkamer Weber *Gin Gin
5/12/2018 J. Jimenez *George Wang George


Past CUMEs are kept on file electronically → CUMEs