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Post-Doc Alumni

Nabanita Das(2014-2017)
Ph.D.: Florida State University
Current position: University of Colorado Boulder

Varun Dewan (2013-2016)
Ph.D.: Ohio State University
Current position: Farncombe Sr. Research Fellow, McMaster University

Xiaohui Wang (2010-2015)
Ph.D.: Chinese Academy of Science (CAS)
Current position: Investigator/Professor, Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, CAS
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Kui Cheng (2009-2014)
Ph.D.: Nanjing University
Sponsored by the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC)

Current position: Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Southern Medical University
Previous position: Assistant Investigator, Tsinghua University
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Peter N. Brown (2010-2014)
Ph.D.: University of Edinburgh
Current position: Sr. Scientist, Heptares

Jonel P. Saludes(2010-2012)
Ph.D.: University of California at Davis
Current position: Associate Vice President for Research, University of San Agustin
DOST Balik Scientist Awardee
Member of Philippine-American Academy of Science and Engineering
Previous position:
Assistant Professor, Washington State University

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Matthew W. Lluis (2011-2012)
Ph.D.: University of Texas at Austin
Post-Doc.: Columbia University
Current position: Web Content Manager, American Botanical Council

Sherry A. Chavez(2010-2011)
Ph.D.: University of Utah
Current position: Principal Technical Support Scientist, Abbott Laboratories

Sunil Prasannan(2011)
Ph.D.: Imperial College London
Post-Doc: University of Cambridge
Current position: Research Fellow, University of Warwick

Deanne W. Sammond(2008-2011)
Ph.D.: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Current position: Scientist III at National Renewable Energy Laboraroty (NREL)
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Catherine M. Joce(2009-2010)
Ph.D.: University of Leeds

Current position: Consultant, Cambridge Consultants

Nilanjan Ghosh(2008-2010)
Ph.D.: University of Wisconsin at Madison
Current position: Product Quality & Reliability Engineer, Intel Corporation

Sudhindra Rao(2009-2010)
Post-Doc: Wayne State University School of Medicine
Post-Doc: University of Colorado Health Sciences Center

Suvadeep Nath(2009)
Ph.D.: Indian Institute of Science
Post-Doc: University of California, Riverside
Current position: Team Lead, TCG Lifesciences Ltd.

Ya Li (2008-2009)
Ph.D.: Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry
Sponsored by the UCCC Fellowship

Mangalika Warthaka (2008)
Ph.D.: Wayne State University
Current position: Pfizer Injectables