The Heinz lab is looking for undergraduate research assistants who are interested in working on machine learning to predict the structures of perovskite-like materials. This includes using perovskite model databases, experimental data and simulation data generated in the Heinz laboratory. Additionally, there are opportunities to work on molecular dynamics simulations of organic-inorganic hybrid materials to understand correlations with crystal structures and specific molecular geometries observed by experimental collaborators.

Hours: 10-40 hours per week.

Pay Rate: $16-$17 per hour


  • Must be a student.
  • Basic knowledge of physics, chemistry and/or machine learning environments.
  • Experience working with databases and Python scripts or molecular simulation environments.
  • Interest in computational and ML methods.

Student hourly positions are not permanent employees and are hired on a semester-by-semester or yearly basis. This position is eligible for employee sick leave earned monthly on a prorated basis.

To apply, please send a resume to Hendrik Heinz or email him with any questions.

Posted May, 28, 2024