The Engineering Fellows of the College of Engineering and Applied Science is an honorary service organization. The Fellows are a select group of academically successful, service-oriented students of the College who actively seek to promote academic excellence in the College through peer academic support. Selection and service as a Fellow is one of the College's highest honors.

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Several Fellows within ChBE are available to connect with students to discuss topics related to academic success and provide mentorship.

Fellows in ChBE

Nina Hooper"Hi, my name is Nina! I grew up in Bellingham, Washington, before moving to Boulder to pursue a degree in chemical engineering with a minor in physics. This is my third year at CU and my first year as a Fellow. I worked previously as a Teaching Assistant in the Chemical Engineering Department, which is where I first discovered my love for teaching. In addition to my work as a Fellow, I am a research assistant under Dr. Holewinski, and I work on campus sustainability policy with Student Government. I am passionate about the environment, and hope to pursue a research career developing sustainable technology. I also enjoy skiing, hiking, climbing, and anything else that involves being outdoors."

Julia Bendorf"Hello, my name is Julia! I’m a Colorado native and currently a pre-medical student pursuing a degree in chemical and biological engineering with a certificate in neuroscience and minor in biomedical engineering. I transferred to CU last year and am currently enjoying my second year here and my first year as a fellow. I love the atmosphere of our ChemE department and the fellows seemed like the perfect opportunity to get involved in it! I am also researching biosensors with Charles Wyatt Shields and volunteering at Children’s Hospital. I am very interested in medicine and hope to pursue a career as a researching physician (hopefully in pediatrics because kids are awesome)! In my free time you might find me spending time with my cat, Curie, baking, running, or painting."

Jacob Moxley"Hello all I am Jacob and one of the Engineering fellows at CU. I am originally from Atlanta, Georgia and grew up there. I briefly attended the University of Alabama and then joined the Marine Corps. During my time in the Marines I had the opportunity to do some engineering related work which helped keep up my lifelong passion for engineering and math. I came to CU in the fall of 2018 and currently am double majoring in chemical engineering and applied mathematics with a computer science minor. I have a passion for applied science problems and the computing tools behind them. In my free time I enjoy long distance running, cycling, and backcountry skiing and snowshoeing."

Sophia Ulmer"Hi, my name is Sophia. I grew up in Colorado and am a senior studying chemical and biological engineering with a minor in biomedical engineering.This is my second year as an Engineering Fellow. I was previously a learning assistant for Phage Biology and am currently a course assistant for Fluid Mechanics. Outside of my work as a Fellow, I am also a research assistant for Dr. Whitehead where I do research on monoclonal antibodies. I am passionate about biopharmaceuticals and hope to pursue a career developing them. In my free time, I love snowboarding, hiking, cooking my favorite traditional Mexican dishes, and knitting."

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