Young students participate in science and engineering field day.

Pinhead Institute is a Smithsonian affiliate based in Telluride, Colorado, that strives to promote science education locally and globally.  An international network of the world's leading scientists supports our many educational programs providing unparalleled opportunity to high-level scientific education in rural Colorado. Its mission is to educate and inspire children and adults in the greater Telluride region about the wonders of science and technology through engaging programs, direct interaction with scientists, and unique research-centered internship experiences.

Contact: Amy Laubenstein

Engineers Without Borders-USA started at CU Boulder and currently has programs working in Nepal, Peru and Rwanda. Collaborative teams of undergraduates, graduate students and professional mentors work with underserved communities to develop clean water, sanitation, construction, energy, and agricultural projects. Projects focus on sustainable community development and student professional growth.

The Advanced Placement Preparation program provides educational and financial support to motivated high school students preparing for the AP exams in various science, technology, engineering and math subjects. This is achieved primarily through weekly tutoring sessions at Skyline High School in Longmont, Colorado. During these weekly sessions, volunteer graduate student tutors work with groups of three to five high school students to study the topic of the week. Of those who reported their scores on chemistry, physics and calculus AP exams, 80 percent received a score of 3 or better. At the inception of the program in 2009, conversations with teachers revealed that some families were unable to pay the AP exam fee, preventing otherwise qualified students from taking the exam, so APP decided to use some of its funding to pay exam fees for students who have attended at least 80 percent of the tutoring sessions.
Contact: Katie Lewis

ACS Science Coaches are chemistry professionals who share their expertise and enthusiasm for science with an elementary, middle, or high school teacher over the course of one school year.

The Science and Engineering Field Day allows graduate students to host middle school students at the Jennie Smoly Caruthers Biotechnology Building. Students travel from across the Denver metro area, as far north as Loveland and as far south as Littleton, to take part in the day’s activities. The event is typically split into four, one-hour sessions, each exposing students to a different challenge faced by practicing scientists and engineers. Past sessions have included a weight-bearing tower building challenge; a forensics activity using chemical analysis; an "Energy Exploration" session; and lab explorations, which involved tissue engineering and catalysis demos.

The department looks forward to continuing this successful event in the future. Let us know if you would like to get involved.

Contact: Wendy Young

Department faculty, staff and students regularly participate in BOLD Center high school outreach efforts such as the Engineering Sampler, Explore Engineering Days, and Admitted Student Day.  Through hands-on demonstrations, lab tours, informational talks, and interactive Q&A sessions, the department educates potential future engineers about what it means to study and work in our exciting field.

Contact: Wendy Young