Remarks as prepared

Thank you for attending the live-stream commencement to honor you and your momentous accomplishment.

I recognize this is not where any of us wanted to be sitting today. You’ve persevered through one of the most difficult times in the university’s 145-year history. Congratulations. 

You are a historic class. 

You’ve shown great resiliency and worked hard under the weight of extraordinary circumstances. 

But let’s also acknowledge your family, friends and loved ones who have supported you. Today we’re celebrating you, and all of them. 

I want to also thank your professors. 

They, like you, have made a sharp pivot in the way they work, and they have maintained the standard of excellence that our university is known for. 

On your diploma you will see the University Seal depicting a torch in the hands of youth. 

Today, this torch gets passed to you.

Through the experience you’ve been through, you can be the guiding light of your generation. You can shine a light through whatever dark skies lie ahead. 

In fact, you already have. 

You have not waited to graduate to engage and change the world. 

In your time here you have advocated for social change and racial equality. 

You are already creating the world in which you want to live, succeed, thrive and pass on to the next generation. 

The work you do today is so important for tomorrow. 

As a community we have endured a tragedy, that shakes our trust in humanity. It makes all of us as individuals –  and as a campus community – remember who we are to ourselves and to each other. 

Together we can make a difference in our world.

Reflect for a moment on the generations that have gone before you and what they’ve endured: pandemics, world wars, service and sacrifice to their countries, racial unrest and civil strife.

Use your experience with adversity for your growth, strength, and inspiration, just as previous generations have. 

The last 14 months have been hard. But you’re stronger for the experience. Take this adversity and turn it into advantage. 

Grow from it. Find strength in it. Learn from it. 

You are living through something right now that will define your generation. 

This is your generational moment. How you meet these challenges, will be your legacy. 

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said that our greatness cannot be seen in the hours of comfort and convenience, but rather in the times of adversity.  

You are graduating into a new world, a world that has changed just in the short time you have been at CU. 

You will chart unknown paths with leadership, collaboration and innovation – all the things that you’ve studied and put into practice at CU. 

I hope you’re as proud of yourself, as we are of you. Congratulations to each of you. 

Congratulations to the Class of 2021! And Go Buffs!

Introduction of Commencement Speaker Dr. Dwinita Mosby Tyler

It is my honor to introduce our commencement speaker, Dwinita Mosby Tyler. She was chosen as our commencement speaker by the Senior Class Council.

Dr. Mosby Tyler is founder of The Equity Project – a consulting firm supporting organizations and communities in building diversity, equity and inclusion. 

She is nationally recognized in the development of leadership, equity, diversity, cultural responsiveness and inclusiveness training programs. 

She works with the Aurora and Denver police departments, the city and county of Denver and UC Health University of Colorado Hospital, among many others.

She has dedicated her life to leadership, service and inspiring others to do the same, all attributes that we highly value at CU. 

It is my great pleasure to introduce Dr. Dwinita Mosby Tyler.