The following are additional questions and answers from CU Boulder Where You Are: The Women Who Run with Ralphie, answered by Taylor Stratton, manager of CU’s Ralphie Live Mascot Program:

What are your normal ranch work and responsibilities?

Our number one responsibility is to ensure that the buffalo are happy and healthy. When arriving at the ranch, I start with a visual check to ensure that nothing is easily/visibly wrong with any of the pastures or the buffalo. After that, all manure is removed, and as I am cleaning, I’m also monitoring the buffalo to ensure that they are happy and healthy and taking a more in depth look at the pastures for any irregularities. I also check the water to ensure that it’s clean and fresh and feed the buffalo. I also spend time with the buffalo in a social sense (brushing/petting/talking to/etc.) to ensure they are getting daily enrichment. Those are most of the daily responsibilities; other things come up such as weeding/property maintenance/fly mitigation/etc.  

How many times has a handler hit the ground during a game?

This actually isn’t a metric that we maintain. The Ralphie Handlers and myself work incredibly hard to ensure that we are doing everything in our power to be as prepared for gameday runs as we can be. The team trains for a minimum of 4 hours per week, focusing on their strength and conditioning, and we spend a significant amount of time watching film and practicing so that handlers understand how to run with Ralphie successfully.