The following are additional questions and answers from CU Boulder Where You Are: Collegiate Sports in 2020: What’s Next for the Buffs, answered by Athletic Director Rick George:

Some pro teams are keeping their players in a "bubble." How will CU handle the social aspect of these student/athletes' lives? Will they have specific restrictions socially?

Even before the pandemic, we've always emphasized with our student-athletes the importance of holding themselves to high standards and making good decisions off the field that are in the best interest of their academics, their teams and their own well being. So that is no different now. However, we absolutely expect our student-athletes, just like the university does of all students, to adhere to public health orders in regard to mask wearing, physical distancing, large gatherings, etc. And we're emphasizing those things with them as well.

In terms of a bubble, it's a little different atmosphere at the collegiate level than the pros because many of our student-athletes are attending class on campus and also live off-campus. So while we do our best to have health and safety protocols in place while they’re in our facilities, we are equipping them with the information they need to make good decisions when they’re on campus and in the community.

Can you talk about some of the financial impacts from the pandemic on the department and what will happen if the football season is canceled or the full 10-game schedule doesn't get completed?

The financial impacts of the pandemic on our athletic department are significant, particularly with the postponement of fall sports until the spring. We've budgeted for a variety of these different scenarios and have had to make some difficult decisions. All of this has been to make sure we're prepared and to ensure we can continue providing a world-class experience for all of our student-athletes as the circumstances continue to evolve.