Nominations are now being accepted for the 2016 Hazel Barnes Prize. The deadline for nominations is October 3, 2016.

The Hazel Barnes Prize is one of the most prestigious awards at the University of Colorado Boulder and focuses on the enriching relationship that occurs between teaching and research. Nominees should be regionally and nationally recognized, tenured faculty members who are not only outstanding teachers but also have distinguished records in research and scholarship over a substantial period of time at the University of Colorado Boulder.

The nominator must succinctly address the relationship between these two professional responsibilities of faculty and show the apparent impact that the nominee has had on students, faculty, colleagues and the university. Reference letters supporting the nomination also must address this key interaction.

A faculty member may be nominated no more than three times during their career at CU-Boulder.

How to submit a nomination

The nomination packet should be supplied as documents in pdf format with bookmarks to allow the selection committee to access different sections easily. This packet can be emailed to Carole Capsalis, or brought to the Chancellor’s office at 914 Broadway on a memory stick.

The nomination packet must include the following:

  1. A letter of nomination that addresses the focus of the award;
  2. Four to seven letters from persons both within and outside the University of Colorado who can evaluate the applicant's contributions (letters from friends of the nominee also may be included);
  3. A complete curriculum vitae of the nominee;
  4. FCQs of the nominee for the last seven (7) years (student letters supporting the nominee's outstanding teaching record are encouraged if they strengthen the nomination);
  5. Reprints of the five (5) most important publications of the nominee, or examples of creative work, artistic endeavors, musical and or theatrical performances, etc., of the nominee. The nominator should highlight the scholarly contributions of the research or creative work.

The most thoughtful preparation of the file will consist of a scrupulous adherence to the stated criteria of the Award, which will significantly influence how the Committee reads the file and therefore will consequently affect the outcome of the competition.

Again, the deadline for nominations is October 3, 2016.