87th Annual Alumni Association Awards

Oct. 13, 2016

Thank you Kim Christiansen. We’re very proud of Kim for earning her journalism degree at CU-Boulder and going on to become a leading news anchor. It is because of the legacy of graduates like Kim, and the many fine journalists that have come through CU-Boulder, that we were compelled to create our first new college in more than 50 years. The new College of Media, Communication and Information is in its second year, preparing students for today’s rapidly changing media landscape.

Thank you Kim for coming back to campus. And I want to thank all of you—our most distinguished alumni—for coming home to campus on this homecoming weekend so that we may honor you. This evening gives us great pleasure. Tonight begins a great weekend, and carries on a tremendous tradition at the university. This banquet kicks off our 102nd homecoming weekend! I hope you all can join us for the festivities.

I’d like to acknowledge my wife, Yvonne, who is with us tonight. I’d also like to acknowledge the regents, vice chancellors and deans here this evening as. On behalf of the Alumni Association, I’d like to express my thanks to our past award recipients, many who are here tonight, for their continuing legacy in shaping all that is exceptional about CU-Boulder. Will all present and past award winners please stand to be acknowledged?

This is the 87th Annual Alumni Association Awards. It’s one of our oldest traditions and we hold it very dear to our hearts. It has outlasted a number of other long-time campus traditions.

  • Freshmen are no longer required to wear green beanies.
  • And men are no longer encouraged to run around the men’s residence hall in a state of undress to celebrate the first snowfall of the year…in fact, we discourage it.

Admittedly, some of these traditions pre-date even me, and this is my 43rd year on campus. But the CU Alumni Awards live on, and they always will, because all of you represent our legacy.

If you have a chance to meet—or even see a list of previous honorees—you will see names you recognize as major contributors to our state, region, nation and world…People who inspire us. And you will see that you are in extremely good company. Likewise, future honorees will see your names and know they are in distinguished company.

I would like to thank the Alumni Association, its staff, and the Alumni Association Board for all they do to support the university with:

  • Recruiting assistance.
  • National and local alumni outreach events.
  • Advocating for CU.
  • Ensuring the success of The Herd student group.
  • Coordinating events like this great homecoming weekend, as well as many other events.
  • Participating in campus life and supporting athletics.
  • And assisting our faculty, staff, and students in untold ways.

I can’t under-state the importance of our finest alumni. Our alumni are CU’s best ambassadors, and you are the shining lights. When you represent yourselves you are also representing the university, and we are indebted to you for all that you are.

As George Norlin, our fifth university president said, “Wherever you go, the university goes with you. Wherever you are at work, there is the university at work.” My sincere congratulations to all of you. It’s an honor and a pleasure to have you here tonight.