For AY 2020-2021, the CHA will be accepting applications to support remote guest lectures for GPTIs teaching an arts or humanities course. Honoraria is capped at $200 per lecture, max 5 guest lecturers per applicant. You may submit for 5 guests in the fall or spread it out between the fall and spring assuming you know your spring teaching schedule.

We will review applications as they come in but plan to allow at least 3 weeks between the submission of your application and notification. Advance planning is a must, retroactive funding will not be approved. Please be as detailed as possible in your application. CVs or resumes are required.

Deadline: Rolling

Applicants must be a GPTI teaching an arts or humanities course during AY 2020-2021

Fill out the application
If awarded, you will work with CHA Finance and Operations Director, Sharon Van Boven and the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs (VCAA) Financial Services Center (FSC) to assist with processing guest lecture honorariums. All payments occur after the lecture has taken place.