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Libyan children to receive wireless laptops as part of “One Laptop Per Child” initiative
Detail: Libya will probably become the first nation in the world where all school-age children are connected to the Internet through educational computers. In keeping with its current political agenda of creating a more open Libya and becoming an African leader, the government of Libya has ordered 1.2 million wireless laptops from the US based non-profit ‘One Laptop Per Child’.

The project “One Laptop Per Child” was conceived in 2005 by a computer researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Nicholas Negroponte to supply wireless-connected computers, costing about $100, to children in developing nations. Brazil, Argentina, Nigeria and Thailand have tentatively agreed to purchase such computers for their school children. “One Laptop Per Child” has struck a manufacturing deal with Quanta Computer Inc., a Taiwanese computer maker.

As Microsoft refused to sell its Windows software to the project at an affordable price, these low-cost laptops will come with the freely available Linux operating system, which is becoming increasingly popular in the developing world. The $250 million investment will secure 1.2 million computers, one server per school, a team of technical advisers to help set up the system, satellite internet service and other infrastructure for Libya.
Source: Based on a story by John Markoff in The New York Times, October 11, 2006
Date: October 11 2006