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San Francisco Works to Keep Families in Town
Detail: By Elaine Korry

In the 1960's, children made up one-quarter of the population of San Francisco, but as housing prices have skyrocketed over the last 40 years, the city has seen an exodus of families with children. Even families earning the area median income of $80,000 per year can no longer afford to purchase homes within the city limits. But now the city is making efforts to encourage developers to build more affordable housing, and to make the city more family friendly.

New policy commitments are being matched with public dollars: the city has dedicated $44 million this year to pay for the development of affordable, family friendly housing; child care; and health care for young people. Increased rental subsidies and new requirements for affordable development are intended to stem the flight of families from the city.

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Source: National Public Radio, Morning Edition
Date: July 28 2006