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Children 'fail to name UK trees'
Detail: British children are spending so much time in urban areas that fewer than one in 10 can identify the leaves of native trees, according to a report.

Birch and hazel were least recognised - by just 4% - while holly was the most identified leaf - by 54% - in the survey of seven to 14-year-olds.

Just 14% said they spent free time with friends in woods or the countryside.

Some 76% were more likely to be outside shops or on waste ground, the Woodland Trust survey of 647 children found.

More than 40% of seven to 10-year-olds had never visited a wood, the poll found.

But given the choice, 57% of children surveyed said they would want to play in a park, 19% favoured a wood, 15% countryside, and just 11% waste land and open ground.
Date: April 29 2005