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Youth Community Police
Detail: Katha, a prominent Delhi based NGO has started a unique community-based police assembly involving youth in slum communities. To secure youth participation in decision making, Katha is a first Indian NGO to introduce YUVA POLICE PANCHAYAT (Youth Police Assembly), which has total of 15 members comprising of 5 youth, 5 women and 5 men representing their community.

This committee of representatives of slum dwellers and selected police team are jointly responsible for policing in a particular slum. Yuva Police Panchayat’s first initiation took place on 28th June at Katha Lab School, Govindpuri and is to be replicated in other slum communities as well. It is an ongoing process as the cases which will be taken up by YPP will not only include criminal cases (apart from Rape and Murder) but will also make YPP responsible for effective functioning of the local bodies, that is, working on [SHE]2 model where they take charge of sanitation, water, health, hygiene and quality education of the child.

Functioning of YPP

- The committee holds meeting at least once in a week to discuss and solve local policing related problems of the slums with a view to prevent small incidents ending in cognizable crime.

- The members of the ‘Panchayat’ are given Photo Identity Card by the Police.

- The slum inhabitants can bring dispute to ‘Yuva Police Panchayat’ which is open every day and under the auspices of the local police.

- They help to prevent disputes escalating into violence.

- This saves police time and allows them to concentrate on other important things, since large part of police time is spent responding to minor disputes and quarrels and preparing official documents about these.
Date: September 15 2011