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Not so child friendly Bangalore
Detail: According to a survey titled, Making Cities Liveable for Children-A Multi Sectoral Analysis of Bangalore, about 77% of children in Bangalore feel unsafe to move freely on the city's roads, while a much higher number of parents, 88%, are not ready to allow their children to travel alone in the city. Almost similar is the perceptions of teachers about the city's safety standards. About 67% of teachers feel that the city is unsafe for children.

The research was conducted by Evangelical Social Action Forum (ESAF) in association with HealthBridge Foundation of Canada (HB). The survey covered around 800 children in Bangalore in the age group of 8-18 years, 200 parents, 200 teachers, and 10 officials, each from government offices, NGOs, health and police departments.

For 50% of parents, heavy vehicular traffic and accidents on the roads are the prime concerns, which prevents them from sending their wards alone on Bangalore roads. Around 62% of children consider jam-packed roads with motorists a major challenge for their free mobility.

Moreover, 73% of kids in Bangalore are scared of stray dogs menace in the city, while 42% feel that several open drains on the roads are nothing less than 'killing mines', after six-year-old Abhishek died, when he accidentally fell into an open rain-flooded drain in 2009.
Source: By Maitreyee Boruah, DNA, February 1, 2011 Tuesday
Date: September 1 2011