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Child and Mom-friendly condos in Tokyo
Detail: "We support the working mom" is the slogan used by several real estate companies developing condominiums in Japan. These developments offer facilities and services that support busy women who juggle work and homemaking.

A development in these lines in Toda, Saitama Prefecture offers a child-care center that stays open until 9 p.m. Plans are under way to also include a service that combines child care with nursing care, in which sick children will also be cared for by baby sitters. In the common areas, the condo will provide a large washing machine and dryer that can accommodate futons. The development is partnering with online supermarkets to offer a special evening and Saturday morning home delivery service for residents.

"We want to create a residence that doesn't discourage women from working," said a female marketing official at Yuraku. When planning this condo, Yuraku interviewed a group of women in Toda. Many of them were working women who were on waiting lists for public child care centers.

The condo houses a total of 923 units priced at the 35-45 million yen ($416,000 to $535,700) level. The units will go on sale in October, but the condominium has received more than 2,000 inquiries mainly from both men and women in their 30s.

Another development in Hachioji, Tokyo, was developed with amenities that offer families with an often-sick child peace of mind. On the first floor of the eight-story building are a clinic, mall and a pharmacy.

The second floor will have a certified day-care center. The pediatric clinic on the first floor will house a day-care center for sick children. The second floor day-care center will not accept sick children, but parents who have registered beforehand with the city of Hachioji can use the child-care facility for their sick children on the first floor.

Source: Based on a story by Sayaki Hayashi, “Child-friendly condos that support busy working parents see hot sales”, The Nikkei Weekly (Japan), September 6, 2010 Monday
Date: May 4 2011