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Child Friendly Guelph
Detail: The city of Guelph in Canada is already a pretty decent place for children but interested in doing more.

Members of the community and social services committee supported in principle the efforts of a local group to have Guelph declared a "child-friendly city" by UNICEF, the United Nations Children's Fund.

UNICEF has designated nearly 1,000 communities around the world as "child-friendly," with just 11 of these in Canada. A child-friendly city is considered one committed to fulfilling a host of children's rights, including their right to influence decisions about their city; participate in community life; receive basic services such as protection and education; live in an unpolluted environment; and be an equal citizen with access to every municipal service.

Daniel Moore, a member of the Council of Opportunities for Children, said that organization will do the legwork to qualify for the status. Moore said while Guelph has many strengths, there are also areas that require more work. "We'd like to strive for that designation," he said. "We're prepared to do most of the legwork."

Jim Bonk, chief executive of the Guelph YM-YWCA and a member of the Council of Opportunities for Children, stressed the council is not seeking a financial commitment at this point. "What we're looking for is a philosophical agreement with some of these principles," Bonk told the committee.

Mayor Karen Farbridge, who called the idea "inspiring," made a successful motion to support the designation in principle and to ask city staff to work with council and report on how best to move toward achieving child-friendly status.
Source: By Scott Tracey, “Committee backs seeking child-friendly' city status Local group hoping UNICEF will grant designation to Guelph, committee hears”, Guelph Mercury (Ontario, Canada), February 10, 2011 Thursday
Date: April 15 2011