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New Environmental Superhero
Detail: George Global is a new superhero, a globe-shaped avenger on a mission to clean up the planet. "The Adventures of George Global: The Lakeside Lather" by Peter Gorin follows the main character, George Global, as he fights to teach children environmental responsibility.

Peter Gorin created George Global with John Magno. According to Gorin, "Our goal is to help people see that it is important to protect the environment, and that you don't have to be a superhero to do it; everyday acts such as recycling and small responsible actions can be a very powerful force if we all pull together and do them. As George would say, 'Every day is Earth Day."

George defends the earth from polluters, wasters and the Grimlex-creatures dedicated to destroying the environment. The Grimlex can morph into various shapes in order to trick people into harming the earth, but George enlists the help of local children to reveal the Grimlex's true nature and to aid in foiling their plans to destroy the planet's natural beauty.

Gorin said he got involved in creating the book after being approached to take a slogan written for hybrid cars and to expand it into a marketing program.

"My partner and I went through several attempts, and we were never satisfied with what we had. However, in looking at some of the artwork that we had developed, one of the sketches struck as something that looked like a cartoon superhero. It was a globe-shaped character, and we decided then and there to create an environmental superhero," he said.

Despite not having a green background, Gorin said he and Magno plan on making "The Adventures of George Global" into a full-fledged series of books. "It has been our intention from the start of this to make 'The Adventures of George Global' a book that would encourage people to be aware of the environment and to act accordingly, but to be entertaining, which is why it's an adventure story, and to avoid being preachy."

"The Adventures of George Global: The Lakeside Lather" is available online at and other channels. For more information, visit
Source: Based on a story by Megan Greenwalt in Waste & Recycling News, November 22, 2010
Date: February 6 2011