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Punishing illegal parking in Seoul School Zones
Detail: The Seoul municipal government will crackdown on illegal parking or stopping in school zones across Seoul for one month from August 30 to September 30. The city has formed a special team to control traffic violations by drivers in 1,861 school zones, including 588 elementary schools, 865 nursery schools and 361 childcare centers.

The illegal parking will not be checked on weekends and holiday and night hours for nearby residents who have little parking space.

The central government, in order to reduce traffic accidents involving children nationwide, will double the fines on illegal parking in school zones in October. Heavier penalties on traffic violators in child specific zones across the country are part of the revised regulations by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security.

The number of child casualties in Seoul school zones increased from 47 in 2006 to 67 in 2008, according to statistics available from the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency. In particular, as many as 92.7 percent of the total 535 traffic accidents, which took place in school zones throughout the nation last year, were caused by drivers who violated the transportation law, such as stopping or parking.
Source: Based on “Seoul City to crack down on parking in school zones” by Chah Kyoung-won, Korea Times, August 25, 2010 Wednesday
Date: August 29 2010