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Mid-East peace on teen reality show
Detail: A French reality show debuting this autumn, will bring together a dozen 18-year-olds – six from Israel, six from the Palestinian territories – and make them co-habit for three weeks in a house on the Frioul archipelago off the coast of Marseille as they hold negotiations aimed at establishing a peace deal.

French director Mohamed Ulad, has co-written the scenario with Franco-Israeli philosopher Sophie Nordmann. While the show's creators admit that achieving peace in the Middle East is more of a symbolic than a realistic target, they insist the most important part of the programme will be the process the participants will undergo in carrying out the talks.

Ulad has insisted there will be no filming in bedrooms, no live broadcasts and no 24/7 camera footage. He chose to film the show in France in order to provide a "relatively isolated and sheltered" environment in which to discuss highly controversial issues. Among topics to be debated are the status of Jerusalem and the Palestinian right of return.
Source: By Lizzy Davies, “French TV wants 12 teenagers to find a road map to Middle East peace”,, Thursday 10 June 2010
Date: June 15 2010