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British youth lack nature experiences
Detail: The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), Europe's largest wildlife conservation charity, conducted a study to find out just how important it is for people to connect with the natural world.

The survey of 1,000 people found that only about a third (37 percent) of under 35s feel connected to the natural world, compared with more than half (55 percent) of those aged over 35. More than three quarters (76 percent) of respondents said that being out in nature was a great stress-reducer and more than half (51 percent) needed time in nature to be happy. Young people in Britain seem to be missing out on the stress-relieving benefits of spending time with nature.

RSPB President Kate Humble and nature television presenter found these results worrying: "If a child hasn't ever got their hands dirty sifting though soil for bugs, kicked up leaves or been wowed by a cute baby bird, how can we expect them to care about the natural world?" "There is simply no substitute for getting outdoors and experiencing nature first hand," Humble said. "If we don't make sure our young people enjoy nature, we're taking away something that will help keep them happy and healthy."

Source: Based on a story by Paul Casciato titled, “Nature Starvation” Worries British Royal Society, Reuters Life – January 07, 2010.
Date: January 10 2010