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1 billion deprived children
Detail: On the eve of the anniversary of adoption of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1989, UNICEF urged the world to help the 1 billion children still deprived of food, shelter, clean water or health care and the hundreds of millions more threatened by violence. There had been a remarkable decline in child deaths after adoption of the CRC, but still 24,000 children under the age of 5 die every day from preventable causes, such as pneumonia, malaria, measles and malnutrition. Nearly 200 million youngsters are chronically malnourished, more than 140 million are forced to work, and millions of girls and boys of all ages are subjected to sexual violence.

More than 70 countries have used the treaty to incorporate children's rights in their national laws, to safeguard children from violence, abuse, discrimination and exploitation. Only two nations, the United States and Somalia, have not ratified it. The Clinton administration signed the convention but never submitted it to the Senate for ratification because of opposition from groups that argued that it infringed on the rights of parents and was inconsistent with state and local laws. UNICEF executive director Ann Veneman called the U.S. failure to ratify the treaty frustrating but noted that President Barack Obama and U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice "have expressed a strong desire to move the U.S. in the direction of approving the convention."
Date: December 2 2009