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Children propose Old Delhi redevelopment
Detail: 15 Delhi schools who participated in the Future of Cities India 2020 competition have been shortlisted on the basis of their proposal to redevelop Chandni Chowk, the historic main street area in the heart of the walled city of Old Delhi. Each team comprising 4 students and one teacher will now design a detailed three-dimensional concept model and a make a final presentation to the city in January 2010.

Some of the problems that plague the old city and in particular the area around Chandni Chowk are inadequate infrastructure; haphazard growth of the old walled city; congestion due to encroachments; unauthorized constructions; illegal hawking; mixing of all modes of transport; crumbling heritage structures; and the inability of the civic authorities to move wholesale markets out of the walled area.

As solutions to some of these problems, the participating adolescents have proposed underground parking, stopping all private vehicles in the commercial areas, solar-powered trams, centralized eating areas, ducting of service lines, conversion of old heritage buildings into hotels, guided tours in horse carts, and many other ideas.

Source: Based on a story by Ruhi Bhasin, “Kids Redraw Old City”, Times of India, New Delhi, Thursday, August 27, 2009.
Date: November 14 2009