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India Lowers Child Budget
Detail: According to calculations made by HAQ: Centre for Child Rights, which has been analyzing central and state budgets in India from a child rights perspective for ten years, the Budget for Children (BfC) for the current fiscal is only 4.21 per cent of the total expenditure budgeted for 2009-10. This is the lowest share accorded to children in the last four years. This is much less than the 5.31 per cent share for children budgeted for 2008-09 as well as the reduced share of 4.31 per cent in the revised estimates of that year.

Despite unveiling India’s biggest budget in history in 2009-2010, the government has forgotten about its children who constitute 44 per cent of its people. The share of children’s schemes has declined across all sectors except for a small rise in health.

The sectoral allocation within BfC as Percentage of Union Budget is as follows:

Share of Development Sector, BfC in Union Budget: 0.69
Share of Health Sector, BfC in Union Budget: 0.46
Share of Protection Sector, BfC in Union Budget: 0.02
Share of Education Sector, BfC in Union Budget: 3.03

Share of Children in Union Budget: 4.21
Source: Less Spending, More Debt for India’s Children: Union Budget 2009-10 at a glance by Haq: Centre for Child Rights,
Date: November 1 2009