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Youth Food Policy
Detail: Toronto has the world's first youth food policy council, Toronto Youth Food Policy Council, which is now recruiting members who are interested in food policy, food security, urban agriculture, farming and related topics.

According to Tracy Phillippi, a York University student working on a masters in environmental studies and a member of the council, "For the first time, youth are being given a voice in the food policy discussion."

The council's immediate plans include creating a newsletter to connect members with food issues and happenings, joining a World Food Day conference with FoodShare on Oct. 16, and planning a winter solstice celebration.

During the Sept. 9 town hall meeting of the council, ChocoSol Traders handed out cold chocolate drinks. This youth-run business, which describes itself as "socially just," makes stone-ground eating and drinking chocolate from fair-trade cacao beans. ChocoSol, which aims to reclaim some chocolate sales from the multinational corporations that control the industry, was given a Local Food Hero award by the Toronto Food Policy Council.
Source: Based on a story by Jennifer Bain, Toronto Star, September 18, 2009,
Date: October 21 2009