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Best Places to Grow Up in US
Detail: Low crime, strong schools, green spaces, and fun activities are key ingredients for a happy childhood. U.S. News wanted to find out if any communities like that already existed—and if so, where they were located. Digging into a database of 2,000 different places all across the country they pinpointed the locales that met these criteria. These communities were then examined more closely to determine which places offered the best combination of safe neighborhoods, fun activities, and top-notch educators. The selections in the list of America's 10 Best Places to Grow Up are:

Virginia Beach, Va.
Madison, Ala.
Overland Park, Kan.
San Jose, Calif.
Rochester, Minn.
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Plano, Texas
Edison, N.J.
Source: By Luke Mullins, US News, Aug 20th, 2009
Date: August 21 2009