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Child Friendly Wodonga
Detail: Wodonga is among a growing number of Australian cities, Bendigo and Canberra included, working towards becoming child-friendly. It means upholding children's rights to live in safe, clean and healthy environments and engaging kids in community decision making. The premise is that if a city is good for kids to live in, it's good for everyone.

Wodonga City Council asked thousands of junior citizens what sort of things they'd like to see changed in Wodonga to make it more child-friendly. About 70 kids aged 7 to 14 from schools and pre-schools turned out to the city's children's summit to speak their minds.

Topmost on the wishlist was improving the condition of public toilets as they stink, offer little privacy and are often unsafe. Children demanded more playgrounds, less graffiti on the war memorial, more sitting chairs for the elderly, and a movie centre. Children also asked for more outdoor play areas, and a place for kids to stay and play in hospitals when their mums and dads are in there.
Source: Based on a story by Genevieve Barlow in The Weekly Times (Australia), June 24, 2009 Wednesday
Date: July 5 2009