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Teens and Urban Planning
Detail: Ontario Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure started the Places to Grow Youth Engagement Program three years ago as part of the 2006 growth plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe. This program, which runs March to May, offers young people aged 16 to 18 the opportunity to learn more about urban planning and think of the impact of population growth.

The program begins with participants sharing their ideas about their communities and hearing presentations about urban planning. Participants also complete online assignments, such as analyzing their community's transportation services, architecture and public spaces.

Then participants are given a specific area within their city to work on and propose changes for improvements. The St. Catharines group was given a section of Merritt Street, between Lonsdale and Glendale avenues. At the final session in May, the group will present a three-dimensional model of what the envisioned changes would look like if implemented.
Date: April 22 2009