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Child Parliament in Zimbabwe
Detail: The selection process of child parliamentarians for this year is now underway in Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwe Youth Council(ZYC) in conjunction with the Ministries of Youth Development, Indigenisation and Empowerment and Education, Sport, Arts and Culture are conducting the selection process. Apart from selecting child MPs for all Senate and House of Assembly constituencies in line with the real parliament, provincial teams are expected to select child governors and resident ministers for their respective provinces. In addition, provincial teams are also tasked with the responsibility of selecting other office bearers on a rotational basis.

Selection of child parliamentarians is based on speech competence through public speaking competitions held at constituency level, focusing on a selected theme. Candidates are also expected to have an appreciation of child and youth development issues. This year's selection process will be held under the theme "Child and Youth Participation in Environmental Issues for Sustainable Development".

This theme according to ZYC information and publicity officer Mr Tanzikwa Guranungo is to enhance, inspire and enable the involvement of children and young people in sustainable development particularly in the six cross-cutting thematic priorities identified by the United Nations Environment Programme medium-term strategy for the period 2010-2013: climate change, disaster and conflicts, ecosystem management, environmental governance, harmful substances and hazardous wastes, resource efficiency, sustainable consumption and production.

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Source: Based on “Zimbabwe: Child Parliament Selection Process On”, The Herald, Africa News, March 26, 2009 Thursday
Date: April 14 2009