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School Zone Safety
Detail: A 6-year-old boy was struck by a car opposite Fairfield West Public School in Sydney, Australia and hospitalized with serious head injuries March 30th. The incident has increased awareness of the lack of precautions to protect children from traffic in school zones.

Less than 3 percent of school zones in New South Whales have flashing lights. This is unacceptable to citizen Peter Olsen who believes the Government is failing to do its job and has taken up the slack himself. Olsen has installed $20,000 worth of signs in 10 western Sydney school zones to improve child road safety.

If the Government was genuinely concerned about child road safety “then I believe they should be installing flashing lights at all school zones,” says Olsen.

"It's not just for the safety of the kids, it's also for fairness on drivers because, as any driver knows, it is very easy to forget what time it is when driving through a school zone."

The Government has committed $46.5 million to installing more lights and hopes to have 366 zones finished by the end of this year. But Mr. Olsen says this is still not good enough.
Source: Based on “School safety knight leads charge of the light crusade” by Ellie Harvey in Sydney Morning Herald, Wednesday, April 01, 2009
Date: April 12 2009