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Youth in Parliament
Detail: UK Youth Parliament will now be allowed to hold its annual meeting in the House of Commons debating chamber afterhours of debate. Members of Parliament passed the motion by a majority of 186 votes after a motion to have the UK Youth Parliament meet in a committee room instead of the Chamber was defeated. Scottish Youth Parliament already sits in the Scottish Parliament.

Jack Gebhard, 16, Member of Youth Parliament for Northumberland, said: "This is a new era for democracy. It's a great way to engage young people - you don't often hear of young people watching the BBC Parliament channel but if you have young people in the House they will watch it."

Andy Hamflett, UKYP chief executive, said: "Many young people were watching the debate live and there has been a flurry of excitement at the result and the opportunity it now provides. We very much look forward to working with Parliament to scope out the details of the event."
Source: Based on a story by Charlotte Goddard, “UK Youth Parliament wins right to sit in House of Commons”, Children & Young People Now, 17 March 2009.
Date: March 18 2009