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Children's Book on Planning
Detail: A new children's book on planning, “Where Things Are, From Near to Far'' (Planetizen Press), by Chris Steins and Tim Halbur, depicts a mother and son on a stroll through a city and its surroundings. This colorful book is meant for child audiences, and is illustrated by David Ryan.

An earlier version of the text was critical of the suburbs echoing New Urbanist values. According to Chris Steins, considering that large numbers of families live in suburbs and since every type of community has value, such value judgments were removed from later drafts.

According to Elizabeth Bird, the senior children's librarian at the New York Public Library, children are increasingly studying topics like planning in school. There are comparatively few in-print titles that focus on careers in the built environment though ample children's books profile police officers, firefighters and doctors.

Interest in planning seems to be increasing. New York created the Academy of Urban Planning, a public high school in Bushwick, Brooklyn, with 450 students six years ago. By focusing on planning at an earlier age, Ethel Sheffer, an adjunct assistant professor in the department of urban planning at Columbia University, feels that young people can better hone their powers of observation.
Source: Based on a story by C. J. Hughes, “My First Book Of Urban Planning,” February 22, 2009 Sunday,
Date: February 28 2009